How long has this been going on?


With the recent scandal about parents (wealthy of course) buying their children’s way into the best universities. I was surprised at this news, but not completely surprised considering the privileges that some have…

However, my thoughts are with the children.   They will be looked upon as someone who got their SAT scores changed (secretly) for the right amount of cash.   Their parents pay hundreds of thousands to millions in addition to their tuition to get them into these schools.   I think this is such a sad state of events.   We don’t know who has earned their way legitimately or who have had their way “purchased.”

If you haven’t heard this yet, watch a few minutes of the news, because it all over the news today.  There is apparently all kinds of proof and evidence that these things did occur.   I guess people just don’t think they will ever get caught.

There’s a wealthy real estate developer here in Arizona who has a daughter and a son.   He cheated to get them both into schools, including having one of the children’s SAT scores “secretly changed…”   I find all of this disgusting!

I’m proud to say that all three of my degrees were earned by my hard efforts to pass all entrance exams myself and also graduate from one of the best schools in the United States.



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I don’t care who you are, I would bet that as you get older than the ½ century marker that you begin thinking more of aging and what it means for you.   The funny thing is that you can do everything that you did in your thirties and forties.   You probably even feel the same as you did then.  You just know deep within yourself that you are no longer those ages.  We can say that age doesn’t matter, that it’s only a number, but deep within our beings, we know differently.  We realize that we have more memories behind us than we have to look forward to.  I stole that line from Bill Clinton…

I wonder about some of your signs of aging.   Mine is graying hair (which is colored on my head).   But the problem is the hair is graying even on my pubic area; and for men, I understand the hair on their chest begins to gray along with the pubic hair.   Well as a woman, I keep my pubic hair shaved.   Then no one knows what color is supposed to be there…   J

I have many tips and tricks for continued youthful looks.  Most people think I am about 20 years younger than my actual age.   Why wouldn’t I want to keep that up as long as I can?

What about relationships?   My being is still very hot for men, it has not changed in the least little bit.   My sex drive is off the charts.   Twentysomethings think it is gross for aging people to have sex, but I’m willing to bet that our sex is a lot hotter than theirs… I  believe we really have the sex we want, finally.

I know that all research indicates that we all need companionship and friends as we age, but I really have very little time in my life for making new friends.   So I tend to make friends at the Gym or conferences that I’m required to go to, or whenever I can.   But the thing about friends your age many times is they are actually living the age they are.   They don’t care to do anything exciting, they let themselves go and feel inferior to you for looking more youthful.  I am not ready for that!

I follow a couple of blogs where women can’t even admit that they are premenopausal.   Yet, denial will not stop the aging process.  When your period begins going from every twenty-eight days to every 40 or 70, you are probably premenopausal if you are in your late 40s and beyond.  They can deny all they want, but premenopausal begins when women are in their late 40s to 50s.   Like death ladies, you can’t hide from it.  Besides, look on the bright side, you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant once you’ve made it through that cycle of your life.

So, yes you know in your heart and mind what age you are, but it doesn’t mean you are required to own up to it…



















I learned many years ago when I was in therapy for panic attacks that I don’t have to love my family members.   When my Psychologist said that to me after listening to some emotional pain some of my family had caused me, it was as if a block wall had been lifted from my chest and I could breathe again.   From that time forward I have been one to only give what I could to a person emotionally, without causing any self-pain.  In other words, no one gets to spit in my face so to speak and then years later come back to me expecting to find “family member love…”   Anyone who does that to me definitely burns down the bridge to real love and compassion from me, I don’t care what’s going on in your life.

If that sounds like I’m an unfeeling person, then you don’t know me.   I am probably one of the most loving and compassionate people you’ed ever meet, but I don’t allow myself to be abused by anyone.   Remember, we don’t get to pick our family members or many of us would choose family totally different than what we have.

Do I have sympathy and pity for people who have wronged me in some way? Yes, but I don’t allow my heart to rule me.   I listen more to my head in these particular situations.

Happy Thursday folks!

The Homeless


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This morning as I was driving to my office, I saw an obviously homeless man walking slowly down the sidewalk eating out of a pizza box which I’d be willing to bet came from the trash just up the street at an apartment complex.   He was wrapped in a blanket (it’s in the mid-forties here in Arizona in the mornings.)  I feel bad for anyone who is homeless, but especially for the mentally ill because many of them are so far gone mentally that they are not aware of resources that are out there for them, unlike perhaps someone who has just lost their job and home but are otherwise in fairly good mental health.

As a child, my mother and sisters were homeless for a while, but we did have some family to go to so that we didn’t have to live on the streets.    We also never ate out of the trash but were given oatmeal for several meals a day… I learned to hate oatmeal!  Especially cooked oatmeal.   I am into uncooked overnight oats with fruit, berries, and almond milk.   Yum!

I have been to countries that have zero homeless people.   They seem to care for their mentally ill and also people who may be down on their luck.   Here in Arizona because the weather is so nice much of the year, we have hundreds of them.   Basically, they don’t bother anyone they just want a place to sleep in peace during the night.   Unlike the people who may just be down on their luck, the mentally ill do not have a  vehicle to sleep in.  They push one or pull several shopping carts taken from a local store and keep these carts to store their belongs picked up along the way.  They are very protective of these carts which contain tattered and dirty blankets, old sleeping bags, clothing, and sometimes a bite to eat.  They will get aggressive if anyone tried to take their “stuff.”

It seems we Americans have become so callous to the sight of homeless people that we see them and just look the other way, After all,  we don’t want to seem as if we care, do we?  We want to hurry by them or cross the street…   do they remind us that we are all just a few paychecks from being homeless?  Does their mental illness bother us?  Many of these people have families looking for them for years.

They sleep in hidden corners of streets, behind buildings, under trees.   Perhaps if you see a homeless person early in the morning you can offer them a hot cup of coffee.   Perhaps just once, you don’t look away…



Death by any other name…

death thoughts

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What is death?   Is it the end?   If so, the end of what?    If it’s so horrible why do people go so peacefully?  How about life.   Do we live for ourselves or for others?  When people die others seem to have regrets; that they didn’t do enough for the person or wished the person wasn’t dead…

What about guilt after a person dies?   Should the living feel any sense of guilt?   Suppose they didn’t care for the person who died, even if it were a parent, sibling, or even one of your children.  What if a person actually felt relief after the passing of a “loved one?”  Would they be wrong?  So many questions, so few answers.

Everything living will eventually die.   It’s a fact!   At least I believe it is… Living things and people serve a purpose in life and then they die.  The death of people or other living things gives back to life in one way or another.  With plants, they die and rot and give nutrients to the soil so another can grow.  People come into our lives to bring us something that is necessary for our souls and then they die because they have done their job here in this thing called life.  If we disliked them in life, perhaps their death will bring about the emotion that we need to keep plowing along.  If that person brought happiness to our lives then we learn gratefulness from them and their passing.

Think about our pets and the joy they bring to us, and the love we share with our animal friends.   We are sharing in life with our friends, loved ones, perceived enemies and even our pets.   We learn something from each and every living thing.   They all give us so much in return, so they’re never ever forgotten.

I believe there is more.  So much more.

In The Name of Religion: Sex

child rape

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I don’t quite know where to start with this post, but I’ll begin with what’s in the news today.  Cardinals are called to a meeting today to discuss what to do with Priests who have been accused of molesting/raping children.   So, that must be interesting because many of the Priests sitting in judgment of the others have molested and raped children and women themselves.   But, you and I know that it’s not just in the Catholic religion.   Just this week, I heard on the news that Baptists leaders/ministers who took children on retreats took advantage of having the children away from their parents and proceeded to rape them.  Does it happen in all religions?   Hell if I know, I have not been into religious activity since I was about twelve years old, and my mom never allowed my sisters and me to go away with any men.

I would like to know what causes a man of “religious” persuasion to rape/molest innocent children and defenseless women?   Do the parents of these children hold these religious leaders up so high on pedestals that they offer them up to these sanctimonious men over and over?  Do they not listen to their children when they cry out to the parents to keep them at home and not allow the “religious leader” to take them for a secret roll in the hay so to speak?

I would be willing to bet that a minimum of one out of five boy children have been molested by their “religious  leader.”   Am I guessing?   Yes, but it is based on stories that I have heard.   After all, once again the Catholic church has hundreds of thousands of people who have made claims against the church.

Are children raped/molested by other men/women?   Of course, but this post is regarding “religious leaders.”

Do boys that have been raped/molested in this way tend to associate more with being gay?  Once again, I have no evidence of this, but it makes perfect sense that a boy child raped over and over by any man would lean more in the direction of sex with men than with women.

What are your thoughts?

A Lazy Society


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I see so much of this behavior, not every day, but enough for it to be noticeable.  If a person can’t work because of illness, I completely understand.   However, how the hell can you claim anxiety and or depression as a reason for not working yet you can go shopping and nightclubbing, vacations, etc whenever you want to and have zero problems doing it?   I’ve suffered from severe panic attacks before and I never missed a day of work.  I sought treatment with both anti-anxiety prescriptions for a while and two solid years of therapy.  I’ve worked in some form or another since I was 12 years old.  So why do people not want to work in 2019?   Because they want to go out on “disability” from their jobs.   Please do not think that I’m speaking of people with debilitating medical issues, because I’m not. I am talking about young 20 or 30 somethings who could work and just don’t want to.

I guess somehow they’ve learned that if they get sick of working they can just go out on short-term or long-term disability…   was work ethic never taught in their households?   Why the hell do they think some company should pay them while they hang out smoking pot with friends who are also on disability…?

Am I missing something?   If so, please enlighten me.


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