It does still exist…

As long as I live

I will never understand racism

Three stalls in a ladies room

A European American woman comes into the restroom with an acquaintance

One decides the other can use the one open stall first

I can hear this through my stall

So, I come out first

The stall I was in is now available

As I stand there washing my hands

The waiting woman awaits her friend to finish, flush, and come out

She then immediately goes into that stall

I have had this happen countless times, so it’s not my imagination

Racism is alive and well

What this lady doesn’t know

Is that in my nine days here I’ve used all three stalls at one time or another

Finally found the right month

Photo by yours truly

This is early this morning before people hit the beach 🏝 but I finally found the right month to visit Aruba. Yes, it’s sweet September. The kids are back to school, so parents with two and three year olds are the only guests. I was able to be upgraded to an 1100 sq ft executive suite. Very nice! I actually have a whole bathroom to myself and can spread all of my toiletries everywhere. 😎 I can tell you that makes a girl very happy.

It’s so relaxing here. Lots of Canadians, because it’s only a 5 hour flight from Toronto. It’s a lot more complicated coming here from Arizona.

Very friendly people from Canada. I wish people everywhere could get along as they do with everyone. Perhaps one day…

I’m here until the 17th, so I’ll probably drop in again to say hello. Besides, I’ve been reading all of your blogs as I enjoy some well deserved R & R.

A different breed of children


I was reading a post this morning from a blog I follow:

We Live In A World Of Purple Pens

I tried to reblog his post, but could not find reblog on it at all???

I find this so interesting that today’s children seem to need more coddling.   I had not heard of the nix the red pen thing for the teachers, but I’m not surprised.  I have heard that there are no longer competitive sports in grade school, and when there are competitions every child gets an award.   Yikes!  How are these children ever going to find appropriate work in their future?  I mean, we’ve all had to compete for jobs with interviews etc.

I have specific knowledge of a 20-year-old whos afraid to go on in life and grow up.  Yes, you read that correctly.   He’s very bright and studying a very complex curriculum, but is suffering panic attacks in class because he fears he will do well and have to leave his family.

These children are very comfortable staying at home, never learning to drive, playing video games with people they don’t know, many quitting formal high school and deciding to stay at home doing classes online.

Yes, I have an opinion in case you can read through my writing…   but tell me yours.

Hate Small talk when I’m at my office

small talk.jpg

I am not a work-a-holic, but when I reach the office I have plenty of things to do besides see patients.  There’s someone who calls me everyday, and if they could see the expression on my face they’d be in shock.   I’m a person who when I’m working, I am doing just that, working!   So if you need to talk to me first thing in the morning, DON’T!

Someone I know needs to get a life.   They early retired from a high power career/job and now seem to be in this world just to annoy the hell out of me.   I mean, just because you are retired I am not.   Do you recall what it was like to go to work every day?   I didn’t think so.   The thing is even though I hate it, I still don’t want to feel as if I don’t care for the human being that this person is.   Besides, you talk about the same stuff over and over.   I listen to the news, so I am fully aware of what is happening in the world.   I do not need a recap.   I don’t want to be mean, but please stop it!


DIY Microneedling

I’ve watched tutorials on this (many can be found on Youtube) and decided to try it on myself a few months ago.  I have not yet begun to have real wrinkles, but I think this will put off the onset. The thing is I just did it last night and as usual, I am amazed at the outcome.   I love the smoothness of my face the next day, and weeks thereafter.


The unit comes in many sizes, but I chose a .25mm which can be used as often as you like and my favorite is 0.5 which is only recommended to be used about once a month, but many say it can be used a maximum of once per week.   I won’t go into the process, but only tell you what I use.   After microneedling, I apply the recommended 100% Hyaluronic Acid immediately on my face after the process.  I won’t put the name of it here, but it can be found on Amazon.

Hyaluronic Acid

My own regimen:   I wash my face with a good facial foam.   I then take a thick cotton flat cosmetic pad to wipe my whole face with 91% alcohol.  I do this twice.  I take the microneedle that I’m going to use out of its carrier and douse it in alcohol even though I’ve done it upon completion of my process the last time.  My first career was as a Registered Nurse, so I learned how to keep things as sterile as possible.  After cleansing my face and the microneedle I begin my procedure for about 12 to 15 minutes.

This procedure costs hundreds of dollars and needs to be done at least once a month.   I love being in control of anything I can do myself.  I choose not to put any analgesic on my face, as to me it really is not seriously painful.

microneedling 3.jpg

See even men have it done…

microneedling 4.png

microneedling 2.png



“Always be where you can be found”

teddy bear

“Before someone can love you he has to meet you.

And before he can meet you he has to be able to find you.

So. it follows that if you want someone to love you, be where you can be found!

Don’t sit back on a shelf hoping someone might notice you as they walk by.  Done hide under the covers and pray that someone will happen upon you by accident.  Don’t play hard-to-get

Put yourself front and center.

Tie on a bright ribbon.


That’s what bears do.  And it works for them every time.”

~Teddy Bear Philosophy~ By Susan E. Schwartz


Teddy Bears are pretty smart.   I think I have four of them.   They were all gifts, except one I gave my mother about a year before she passed away.  He sits in a white wicker rocking chair in my bedroom along with the others.   It’s kind of like having her with me.  So comforting…   Hope your day is going well!




Waymo vehicles

These things are rampant in the valley of the sun. On my way to jazzercise just now and I had one in front of me, and one pulling up the rear. They all have drivers inside, but I think they are all driverless.

Ready or not the future is here. Never in my lifetime did I think I’d ever see a driverless vehicle.

I hear Waymo is partnering with Walmart and a few other places to make deliveries.

I guess you all know the Uber driverless cars were taken off the road for a while because one bicyclist was killed a few months ago. They said the person inside was on his cellphone which was caught on camera by the car.

Seems because we have wide open roads here it’s a great place to experiment.

Any thoughts on driverless cars?

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